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June 28, 2024

Judge Phillip McNulty very much seemed to have made up his mind about my mom getting grandparent's rights to visit with my children way before anyone stepped foot in the courtroom yesterday. I was only able to appear by telephone as the mother of the children, which flies in the face of my Due Process and Constitutional rights, but it is not like those have mattered to Jefferson County, Colorado at any time in the last five years. Nor have the rights of my children been of any concern to the courts, the system in general or to their father Donald "Donnie" Emmi and since he is apparently sporting a wedding band now, his wife Karen (aka Karen Hellen Santos, Karen Elledge).

Donnie is also adorning a full head of white hair and looks to have aged substantially and very poorly. I can only imagine he and his bride are full of angst and worry knowing the chief witness to all of their deception is still alive and kicking and that the truth is starting to be revealed to the world. Both of them think that money is more important than people and have literally said those words.

Donnie's lawyer, Samual Stoorman called my divorce lawyer, Robert Wareham on January 20th, 2021 and said they would settle out of court by noon the next day if I agreed to give Donnie all the assets and in exchange I would get help to get rid of my criminal cases and be reunified with my children. So basically, on January 20th, 2021 my freedom and my children were for sale for the price of the marital assets. Of course, I wholly agreed, but my attorney told me that offer was not in any way legal or enforceable. I told him NOTHING IS THIS HAS BEEN LEGAL! Everything I had been through was pure corruption so give me my children, dogs, and cats and keep the money!!! When my attorney did not agree to those terms because they were illegal, I was arrested five days later, January, 25th 2021, and have never seen the light of day since. You can view that billing statement as well as the statement on the day I plead guilty to charges that I had never even seen and was lied to about what I was pleading guilty to.

Apparently there is a price for freedom and to see my children. What is that price I wonder? Donnie told me on April morning of 2017 in our master bathroom that if I "tried to leave him, I will destroy you. I will get a restraining order and I will get my brother to lie and even Karen and you will never see the children again." I did not take kindly to his threats so I consulted with three divorce attorneys recommended to me in an email my former law school professor and friend referred me to. I hired one and proceeded to divorce Donnie and then on June 2nd-3rd, 2017, Donnie was diagnosed with cancer and I stayed with him.

I remained in what I now consider my first prison sentence until January 2020 when I packed the three kids and myself and tried to get away from him after he hit me in the face in front of the kids and said, "Mommy is no fun!" (see letters of Elaine Lipka and Jody Kesten on the Resources page). I needed to think and he forced his way into where I was and lied about what happened with a fake birthday cake and all. He has intimidated witnesses and created unholy relationships with members of the Jefferson County DA's office since and was determined to destroy me and put me in prison. He kept his promise that April 2017 morning.

Now my children are prisoners to his and Karen's lies and what they have told the children about me. After today in court and seeing that I need to fight harder and get the truth out faster. I am coming for my children and the truth will come out very soon world. Stay tuned. I plan to write a blog as I am able health-wise every day to continue to tell all about what really happened.


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