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Jennifer is an excellent mother, caring, loving, and very involved. I have seen her on numerous occasions taking care of her children’s needs and always with them when they were ill or needed her.  It is obvious she is extremely close to her children and you can tell they adore her.  The thoughts of those children being kept from her is nothing more than child abuse.”

–Marilyn Raley


“I have watched Jennifer with her children and they are the love of her life and her top priority.  She has always been active in their school, volunteering, going on field trips, presenting educational talks and having events at her ranch.”

–Gini Krutulis


“I observed Jen with her children from time to time both at home and later at a few social events, and always saw an affectionate, loving mother.  She talked about her children too.  I particularly remember her concern when her small daughter Aven was experiencing severe health problems.”

–Barrie Fiedler


“My opinion of Jennifer is that she is a caring person who loves her children immensely.”

–Elaine Lipka


“Jennifer is a wonderful mother, devoted, loving, with utmost patience, putting their needs above their own and being present with them their entire lives. She had been present at every school event and always concerned regarding her children’s health and being their main present parent in their upbringing. Her children are her reason for living. I have babysat for one of her children and witnessed the care and concern for each of them.  She has been stable and active in her children’s lives, never wavering in her love and support for them.”

–Debra Ferguson


“Jennifer would have her kids on the ranch a lot cuz the kids loved the animals.  She loved her children immensely and was an incredible, attentive and sweet mother.  There were times when there were meetings that were pretty serious and talking about the ranch when one of the children came in.  They were her first priority all the time and everybody knew it.”

–Kai Sutherland

Quotes about Jennifer as a Mom

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