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We could all be Jennifer Emmi: a woman whose life, voice, and children were taken from her in the blink of an eye; a mother, daughter, and advocate who was swallowed up by a system built to dehumanize. Ever since she began rescuing animals and planning for veterinary school as a child, she has dedicated herself to helping the helpless — but she never could have imagined how desperately she would need it herself one day. 


Somehow, even still, Jennifer says her story is one defined by love. Behind bars, Jennifer has remained optimistic in the hopes of one day being reunited with her children. All that she wants now is to see her children again and prove her innocence. By sharing Jennifer’s story, you can help save Jennifer's life and countless other women being abused at Fluvanna's correctional facility.

Save Jennifer Edwards Emmi from dying behind bars.

This loving mother, animal rights advocate and lawyer now sits in prison with life-threatening conditions. During her time in prison, Jennifer has been beaten, bruised and sexually assaulted. Now, Jennifer is being refused critical, life-threatening medical care.


Help us spread the word about the corruption and medical abuse at Fluvanna Correctional Facility in Virginia.

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What you can do

  • Contact local elected officials:

Bob Good, U.S. Representative 5th District

Phone: (202) 225-4711

Fax: (202) 225-5681


Mark J. Peake, State Senator 22nd District


Richmond Phone: 804-698-7522


Robert B. Bell, State Delegate 58th District

Phone: 434-245-8900

Richmond Phone: 804-698-1058


  • Donate to Jennifer's commissary account (the guards keep preventing her from eating meals in the cafeteria, so commissary is often her only source of sustenance) 

1. Sign up for JPay here.
2. Use Jennifer's inmate ID to look her up 
Contact: Jennifer Emmi
Virginia Department of Corrections
3. Send funds via credit card payment online

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