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2/28/2019 – Spontaneous blindness of both eyes while in the grocery store.

3/1/2019 – Admission to St. Anthony’s Hospital. Diagnosed with Optic Neuritis and put on Solu-Medro IV for several days.

3/2019 – Phlebitis in left arm resulting in a pulmonary embolism.

3/2019 – Admission to Porter Adventist under Dr. Justin Moon, Neurologist and treated with IV Solu-Medrol.

3/2019 – 7/2019 – Hospital admissions continue with constant IV Solu-Medrol and history of multiple blood clots.  Pupils still sluggish.

7/2019 – 8/2019 – Period of some remission and less hospitalizations.  No new blood clots. MRI, CT scan, and spinal tap, no MS indicated.

9/2019 – Back at Porter Adventist Hospital – Regular IV infusion at Denver Neurology Infusion Center.

10/2019 – Lost majority of hair. Treated with IV Solu-Medrol and IV “cocktail” at the infusion Center.  Still no diagnosis.

11/2019 – Intensive Outpatient Therapy with Dr. Terry Levy.  Felt depressed and out of character. (30 hours with 5 psychologists).

12/31/2019 – Total blindness spontaneously for the 6th time.  Admitted to Porter Adventist.  Too much steroids initiated a discussion of IV Immunoglobulin to help with inflammation, pain and to help vision.

1/2020 – Saw Dr. Kung, Dr. Sturdy, and Dr. Goldhair and began to schedule IVIG every four weeks.  Diagnosed with optic neuritis.

1/28/2020 – Spoke with Dr. Khoi Pham who said steroid psychosis was caused from being mismanaged and not properly followed while on steroids for such a long period.

2/2020 – Saw Dr. Andrew Leifer to treat steroid psychosis.

2/2020 – Finally got on schedule with IVIG for Optic Neuritis every four weeks.  IVIG from Accredo by Nurse Robin Miller.

3/2020 – 4/2020 – Diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome after having more clots.  Dr. Lisa Arendt Hematology put her on lifetime anticoagulants.  Now on Eliquis.  Consistently seen by Dr. Robert Sarche.

3/2020 – Port was placed in the right chest wall to prevent peripheral sticks.

4/2020 – Diagnosed with Undifferentiated Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  Dr. Kung and Dr. Goldhair continue to assess and treat.  Lupus Malar rash, multiple rashes around entire body.  Biopsy of each area done.  Lupus and UMCD confirmed and started on Plaquenil.

4/2020 – Dermatology and Dr. Kathleen Sroch, Rheumatology join the medical team.  More tests including tests to the Mayo Clinic per Dr. Kung.

6/2020 – Dr Goldhair cannot believe the drastic improvement in my vision with the IVIG.  Dr. Kung and team continue to treat the Optic Neuritis, eye pain, dryness, Lupus, AAS, and UMCD.

8/25/2020 – California to inpatient facility for situational depression and anxiety.

10/26/2020 – Released due to Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, Pleurisy, dizziness and now Systemic Lupus. Pulse 155 at rest.

11/3/2020 – Admitted to Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach, California by Dr. Dawn Atwal, cardiologist, Dr. Park, Rheumatologist, Dr. Rovzar, Pulmonologist.

11/2020 – Ordered to remain in California by Dr. Mohammid Ali and all doctors above for systemic Lupus. Need to be stable before going to high altitude and cold.  Stayed by the hospital and was in “Transitional Medical Unit”.

12/28/2020 – Transferred by security team from Temecula, California to Denver Colorado and directly admitted under a false name by Dr. Nathan Kung to Rose Medical Center to stabilize at altitude.  New cardiologist seen and considered a heart monitor to be implanted.

1/25/2021 – Taken into custody at Jefferson County Jail.

3/2021 – Down to 87 lbs. or less, unable to stand, vomiting blood, agreed to plead guilty to get to my medical team and get probation.

3/2021 – 8/2021 – Jeffco nearly killed me in every other way, but they did IVIG as Dr. Kung and lawyers made them.  My eyesight was the only part of me that worked.

8/30/2021 – Entered DWCF, my eyesight was perfect, had a huge amount of cardiac fluid around my rib cage, abdomen, face and neck.  Walking with weakness but able to stand and ambulate.  No wheelchair.

9/28/2021 – Jacob Lilly came to see me to tell me Donnie worked with the DA to falsely put me in prison.  Taken to the infirmary the same day for Neutropenia.

9/28/2022 – 10/17/2021 – Remained in the infirmary in “reverse isolation”.  IVIG attempted to be administered but it was completely botched.  Blood kept backing into the tubing and tubing was discarded.  Unable to get bubbles out of the line so tubing filled with IG was discarded.  Was able to get maybe 50% of the IG but there was no monitoring during the infusion at all.

11/2/2021 – Met with state dietician, Karen Perkins who told me I need a special diet for inflammation.  Ordered me an anti-inflammatory snack three times a day.  Told me I need 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables, brown rice, ancient grains, omega-3 rich foods, to get on better vitamins, and to eat lean meats like fish especially.  She said there was not much choice at DWCF and I will suffer with an inappropriate diet so do the best I can.

11/2021 – Started losing vision and became very blurry and had double vision, more on the left than the right.  Intermittent total blindness continues.

11/2021 – 2/2022 – Begging for IVIG.  Will not give pre-meds per Debra Reilly, PA, not even Benadryl.  Heart palpitations, tachycardia and no heart meds.  Constantly cancelling my Eliquis (Debra Reilly, “too expensive to use”).  Many times off Eliquis and Metoprolol.  No IVIG given. Pain is excruciating, vision loss in L eye.

11/10/2021 – Taken to Colorado Ophthalmology Associates, Dr. Kelmenson.  Did not know why I was there and said I needed to neurology not her to determine IVIG.  Looked in my eyes 5 minutes at most and determined I was legally blind in my L eye.

11/16/2021 – Taken to South Denver Rheumatology to Dr. Ndudi Oparaeche.  Could not determine if I needed IVIG.  Said that DOC was trying to get an excuse to not do an expensive treatment that I needed.  Doctor pressed points all over my body indicating severe pain.  ANA negative 10/1/2021 but was on Plaquenil.  ANA 1:80 in 5/2020.  Found Fibromyalgia, swelling and rash on my legs.  Left eye blind.

12/1/21 – Neurology PA, Brandon Schreiber, notes vision loss but says no objective evidence to continue IVIG in his notes but he told me directly, “We have to get you back on schedule”.  Discussed whether I’m on path to MS or more severe Lupus but either way it’s difficult to treat.

2/11/2022 – Met with Dr. Singh who said getting back on IVIG is most important.  He directly said my medical care is not being handled and apologized for how much I had been through at DOC fighting for care.  Explained to nurses the need for pre-med Benadryl, Valium, Promethezine and Tylenol for IVIG.  Noted poor vision now.  Noted fingers swollen and broken down skin and lesions.  Scheduled me right away for IVIG on 11/16 to be done by Nurse Bella Bettura, an infusion nurse at the infirmary.

2/16/2022 – Bella Bettura was not allowed to administer IVIG per HAS Nicole Price even though she was the only nurse qualified.

2/17, 2/18, 2/19/2022 – Finally got IVIG, but nurse Bella totally restricted from monitoring me properly per HAS Nicole Price.  Told 2/20/2022 Bella would guide a new nurse as to how to give IVIG the final day.

2/20/2022 – Nurse Dan at DROC states “ I will not take directives from an agency nurse”.  He had no idea what to do or how to do it.  He brought me the the IG and asked me if the bottles and the IG was the correct temperature.  Dr. Q at DRDC refused to get involved or help.  I felt very scared with Nurse Dan giving me the IVIG.  I was vomiting with blood present in the vomitus, had sores bleeding on my face, and became very weak and neurologic.

2/21/2022 – Nurse Dan and Dr. Q punished me for questioning the IVIG administration and ordered me out of the infirmary without getting my final dose of IVIG.  The vomiting continued and I was too weak to even stand.  I actually fell in my room and needed a wheelchair to get back to the women’s prison.

3/2/2022 – New provider Dr. Timothy Creany saw me saying that the IVIG is most important for me and ordered Nurse Bella to do the infusion.  I had a lot of neurological symptoms present.  Said I needed PT, a proper diet, proper medications, vitamins and supplements.  Dr. Creany noted wheezing and prescribed 2 inhalers.  Dr. Creany said this is not a great system for medical care and he will try to advocate for me.  Dr. Creany was concerned about my wheelchair but hoped PT and better medical care will help.  He saw my eye patch and vision loss and documented falls and injuries.  He asked for my medical records.

3/2/2022 –Followed up with Brandon Schreiber PA stressed need for IVIG treatment and doing what is needed to treat me.  He did not understand my continuity of care and said he would make his own records.

3/7/2022 – Dr. Jeffrey Bennett a neuro ophthalmologist at Anchutz Eye Center at UC Health found very dry, very scratchy and painful eyes.  Discussed possible Sjogrens Disease and that IVIG is used to treat all kinds of autoimmune issues and would benefit me.. Could not see optic neuritis but never got my records from DOC.

3/17/2022 – HAS Nicole Price said no IVIG for me.

4/6/2022 – Dr. Creany said his hands are tied to give me proper treatment but he will start Plaquenil again, Metoprolol 100mg bid again, and reorder Eliquis since I was off all meds.

4/13/2022 – Optometrist, Dr. Megan Baca said my left eye is gone.

4/27/2022 – Dr. Creany said his hands are tied but gave me trigger point injections to my back and neck with Lidocaine.

4/25/2022 – Moved to a higher security unit in retaliation.  Injured my left eye, mouth and left side of my face from falls.  Pictures were taken of my injuries.

5/2022 – Injuries from falls.  Scars remain showing injuries on face, chin, L eye, and mouth.  No diet to meet needs.  No IVIG since February.  Outright refusal by HAS Nicole Price to treat or allow me to purchase my own vitamins, fruits and vegetables.


ADA Violations – non-ADA room/cell and ongoing injuries due to falls and sliding door, etc.

  • Not allowing ADA housing

  • Further disabling due to no Treatment or IVIG

  • No protocol followed

  • Wheelchair must be used – OCA

  • No housing, food, medical, etc., to meet needs and deliberate indifference to medical and ADA needs.

  • No Plaquenil from 3/17/2022 to 4/15/2022.  It takes 3-6 months to get in your system and feel the effects.

  • Deliberate indifference to Dr. Kung’s letter that took years to figure out.

  • Deliberate Indifference to medications that are life/death. (Plaquenil, Eliquis, Metoprolol, and IVIG.)

  • Deliberate Indifference caused me to go blind.

  • Deliberate Indifference to deterioration and catastrophic physical and mental health decline.

  • Deliberate Indifference to neurological decline and falls causing serious bodily injuries.  Now in a wheelchair. I came to DOC with perfect vision and walking with stability on my own.

  • Deliberate Indifference of CDOC, DWCF, staff and administration directly caused my physical and mental health decline.

  • DWCF not even maintaining “basic Health.”

Timeline of Medical Events

Jennifer's timeline of medical events makes two critical points: First, it demonstrates that Jennifer's health conditions are well-documented, legitimate and life threatening. This makes the lack of medical care at Fluvanna Women's Correctional Facility even more egregious. Second, Jennifer's serious health conditions put her in a compromising position during her "plea deal" where she was medicated, confused and taken advantage of. She is a seasoned attorney and would not have pled guilty to the charges if she had been in the right state of mind. The below timeline of medical events is written in Jennifer's own words.

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