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July 10, 2024

Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women is an unsafe, out of control, violent prison where the drugs are everywhere and increasing the violence every day. One poor young girl is in segregation right now after being beaten with a lock to her face and dislodging her eye from her head. She was also raped.

The inmate who did this was a known violent offender who attacked me and several others, but nothing is done or controlled. The inmates and staff said the eye looks horrible and is one of the worst things they have ever seen. Apparently the warden told her mother she is fine and that is simply not true. The victim inmate is not in medical and apparently has not even gotten a chance to speak to her mother, who is worried about her. This is what they do here. They hide what happens to us. Just like the way they hid my medical records and that I had a heart attack until my lawyer forced the records from them.

This facility needs to be investigated by the federal government. Something must be done. The medical care has a long history of being constitutionally deficient and now the inmates have taken over with drugs and violence. There is limited staff and those who are here have checked out. They do not want any more to do with the unsafe conditions and no back up. Please get me to medical care Governor Polis and do the right thing here. My life is in jeopardy each and every day and they just moved 7 new drug-addicted, violent offenders in our living unit from segregation and other places. We are all terrified.


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