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September 20, 2023

Unit Manager Haight is at the retaliation and discrimination evil game again. She has assigned another inmate to room with me in my SINGLE CELL. This woman is beyond belief. She has taken my wheelchair and has been obsessed with me and retaliating against me. She is part of the drug dealing culture in here and obviously sees me as a threat right along with Unit Manager Swann. I just saw them exchanging words in the lobby. The captain of housing, CHAP Thomas and Haight's direct boss assigned me to this cell after two illegal weeks in solitary confinement because I am unable to walk.

Yes, I typed that right, I was unable to walk so they stripped me down, searched me and put me in solitary confinement after I was assaulted and injured and never given medical care!!!! I was in there two weeks and was unable to get to the door to get my medications, food, or even water for FOUR DAYS so I threw a blood clot and once again, no medical treatment was rendered. There was no toilet paper or sanitary pads and the toilet was clogged and backed up and smelled horrible. They cut me off of even making phone calls AT ALL. I was denied access to call my lawyers and even my mother to tell her what the had done to me at Fluvanna prison.

There is no justice in prison and no way to complain. Your voice is silenced over and over. CHAP Thomas finally after two weeks of undeserved punishment and torture for not being able to walk after a stroke, had me leave solitary confinement in Unit 8C and assigned me to Unit 6B, Cell #106. I have been in the cell, a single cell, since June. Now Haight has decided to retaliate against me simply because in accordance with my rights, I grieve her (file written complaints) on her unprofessional and ILLEGAL behavior. Pure retaliation in prison like this is supposed to be illegal and a violation of my federal rights. That does not matter at Fluvanna Correction Center for Women. Stay tuned for what happens next. I have filed emergency grievances to the warden, Gary Jones, and to CHAP Thomas and called my lawyer to get involved.


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