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September 2, 2023

Please Help! Call the Virginia Governor, Glenn Youngkin, Warden Gary Jones, the Virginia State Parole Board, and your local politicians.

Proper mangement of Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women affects YOUR safety too! FCCW is on the FOURTH WARDEN since late January and the first, Warden M. LeFevers was taken from the prison in handcuffs herself due to corruption and is still under investigation. Today at roughly 12:03 pm, another inmate punched me in the face in Unit 6B ON CAMERA and there ws no staff response whatsoever despite it being reported immediately.

Many of the younger inmates in this prison are out of control due to staff shortages and woeful mismangement of the prison. Staff like Unit Manager Haight (Unit 6) condones the fighting between inmates and finds it amusing. She has been under investigation for this before.

The higher-ranking Correction Officers in the Infirmary allowed drug-using offenders to breastfeed (pump and collect) and sell drugs and to the population and allowed them to be untouchable as long as they made staff money. Lieutenant Turner and Unit Manager Woodson allowed one woman to even attack a doctor ON CAMERA in the Infirmary, Dr. M. Stich. Unit Manager Swann in building 8 was the same way allowing inmates to be violent and out of control. Inmates attacked other inmates, including me ON CAMERA without any repercussions to their violent actions.

No other facility I have been to allows this level of violence and is so mismanaged and short-staffed. THIS IS DANGEROUS FOR INMATES IN PRISON AND DANGEROUS TO THE COMMUNITY! These women who are supposed to be in here being rehabilitated are not held accountable and will return to the community in worse shape than when they entered prison!!!! We will be subpoenaing these videos to show the public what happens in this facility. Call TODAY and voice your concerns right away and keep us ALL SAFE!!!!


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