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September 19, 2023

I have not been able to get on the kiosk to email in a week. Fixing things in prison for us is NOT a priority. Nor is medical care. I am up walking with a walker and going all over the place...FINALLY! I begged and begge for a walker for so long to get walking again. I still have left-sie paralysis, but I have taught myself that my foot and leg are both STILL THERE even though I cannot completely feel them and I can use them. It is such a mind game to relearn to walk. I have SO MUCH respect for babies! Lol.

Unfortunately my left thumb is still dislocated from being thrown by CO Tarin at Denver Women's prison January 5th, 2022. No one has even x-rayed or looked at it much. The PT team here, specifically the PT named Dr. D told me that bruising and swelling of my thumb did not mean anything and that it was still injured. What an idiot. When I use the walker it is excruciating and I am once again finding myself begging for a wheelchair to get a break before I fall. They just do not care about that at Fluvanna prison. They do not care that my hand is swollen and obviously damaged looking and that it is bruised from using it injured. They say, "it is a process to get a wheelchair." Ok, well what is that process and how exactly long does it take because I have been asking for a wheelchair and a walker since April and now it is September and if the medical director, Dr. Sharon Sheffield does not know "the process" or how to implement it, who in the heck does?

Please God get me out of here and get me to my medical team. Worst case, I would have been out in March on Community Corrections if they did not ship me here to convolute the time and to cover up my beatings and rapes in the Denver prison. I need to get to my children. They need me and their grandmother and Donnie refuses to allow me contact or ehr contact. My mom has never even had a parking ticket and raised those kids WITH ME. She was the other parent because Donnie was NEVER HOME.

Sorry for the tangent on this. We just had a hearing so my mom can see the kids and Donnie outright refuses to let her see them. He said they do not know her! How is that possible?! Yet, they know the Brazilian au pair who is in there raising them as your paramour? What kind of person does this to the mother of his children and their grandmother. He even said on the stand, "Jennifer is and has always been an excellent mother." I AM an excellent mother and I love my children more than my own life. They are the ones keeping me alive. So please tell me Donnie, why are you keeping me from our children and doing this to them? What kind of a monster are you? They are the true victims in all of this! Ugh!


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