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September 14, 2023

Unit 6 Manager Haight where I am housed continues to target me and harass me due to my PREA (prison rape elimination act) allegations and the fact that I have fought Fluvanna about not providing me a rape kit or an exam on arrival to the facility per federal law and Department of Justice Final Rules. I was brutally sexually assaulted and beaten and no one cared and now I am being punished even further for it and speaking up. Unit Manager Haight came outside and told me to "hurry up and get your shit together" when we were called back in from outdoor recreation. She continued to target and harass me with another unit manager (from 5) and other inmates watching, mouths agape in disbelief at her level of cruelty and lack of professionalism. She has been the subject of investigations before and was even taken from the facility and she fought to get back here. 'Thank you' unions and beauracracy for helping an abusinve person to get her job back witha "loophole." Now she thinks she is invincible and has told me twice, "you do not have the power to do anything to me here." She openly admits to drinking alcohol at work and smells of alcohol often. She told me "I can drink every day if I want to. They will not do anything to me here." I think the world should show Ms. Haight that she is NOT impenetrable and immune and she needs to be held to professional standards and treat people like human beings because that is what is right! She also said she "is not scared of anyone from downtown (the DOC office) or the DOJ (Department of Justice)," and told me she is ALSO a lawyer herself. I can find that she was state police, but not a lawyer. Stay tuned to find out if that was a lie. She just blocked me from going to medical for my appointmet and said "the director can come and push you in a wheelchair, I am not, I know that!" I suppose she expects Dr. Sharon Sheffield, the meddical direcor of the entire facility to come to get me for the appointment since they have not provided me with a wheelchair yet to get there. Certainly Haight is NOT going to help get me there or help get a wheelchair despite my inability to walk that far.

The retaiation and cruel and unusual punishment at Fluvanna is real and present each day and I am here to witness and experience it first-hand. I want our voices in here to be heard. Not all prisoners are crazy, bad people who did heinous things and should be kept from society. Some of us are actually innocent and some were too severely charged or did good work with their time. No one deserves to be treated like we are treated and something MUST be done! Please help and call, write, reach out to DOC (Richmond office-Rose Durbin, Community Liaison), local politicians, the State Attorney General Jason Miyares, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and let them know what you are hearing about what is happening in here, that you do not agree with it and that something must be done NOW! Sometimes it just takes ONE!!!!!!! BE that ONE!!!!!! Thank you!


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