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June 29, 2024

Wow, it felt really good to tell the beginning of my story in the blog yesterday and I plan to continue and use documents located on the Resources Page of the Bruised Behind Bars site. Remember, we are still part of a wonderful country with the United States Constitution that affords us free speech. No matter what, no one can take those right away from you and I plan to fully capitalize on what our Founding Fathers put into place. The reason I created this website called Bruised Behind Bars is simply that Donnie sent me to jail with bruises on my face and when they took me to the hospital and did a CT Scan on my head to ensure there were no serious head injury, the police told me Donnie would be the one behind bars. That day never came. I went to jail and stayed behind bars with bruises and I have been bruised literally and figuratively ever since.

The other reason I named the site and the movement I have started Bruised Behind Bars is that once I did go to jail, it opened my eyes to so many injustices in the system. I was not alone in there as someone who was innocent, nor was I the only one who suffered bruises and then the criminal justice system was weaponized against me! There were other women with children basically kidnapped from them who were on the same battleground as I was! I knew right then why God sent me on this journey. I had always been an advocate for the voiceless, but now I was put there to realize that prisoners were another voiceless population that I needed to get to know and help. So I created the website and soon I was contacted by producers who wanted to do my story in several different formats.

I sold my life rights and went under contract to share my story with them and the only stipulation was that it was the objective TRUTH! I wanted Donnie and Karen, as well as Jefferson County District Attorney Alexis King, David Wunderlich (Alexis King's husband who was substantially compensated working for Donnie during my prosecution), Investigator Noelle Kerridge, and Deputy District Attorney Kate Knowles to ALL have say and tell their sides of this story. Nothing is to be held back in this. Absolutely nothing. I knew I have nothing to hide; the good, the bad, the ugly, nothing will be held back. Can the rest of them say the same?

The biggest question I get asked is, "Why did you plead guilty???" This entire prosecution was obviously corrupt, day one. Donnie lied to the police and they never, ever investigated. I always suspected there was a relationship between Donnie and the investigator, Noelle Kerridge. In fact, the deputies in the jail said that there was, but who knows, only they can tell us. I do know Donnie is never faithful. He cheated onme from day one and I was told about it and did not believe. Now I know the truth.


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