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June 27, 2024

Today my mother is going to court to fight for visitation with my children. Donald "Donnie" Emmi and Karen Elledge (former nanny to the kids from Brazil and now Donnie's paramour) have isolated and alienated the children from everyone they love for nearly FIVE YEARS. My mom moved across the country to be with them and was in each delivery room with me. She was my co-parent, not Donnie. He was an absentee parent and barely participated in their lives. I am not sure what I would have done without her help and participation as all doctors, dentists, specialists, surgeries, school trips, extracurricular activities were attended to by my mom as my co-parent and me. No one in my family have been the kids or had contact and despite Donnie saying ON THE STAND UNDER OATH June 12th, 2020, "Jennifer is and has always been an excellent mother," he has done everything in his power to cut me out of my own children's lives.

There is no worse form of abuse to a child than alienation from their mother who loves them dearly. I learned to be a wonderful mother through the example of my own mom. I cannot imagine anything better in their interest than for her to help raise them now and heal them from the trauma and abuse they have been through. I pray Judge Phillip McNulty does the right thing for my children tomorrow. There is no justiication for what Donnie and Karen have done. I will be praying.


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