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June 25, 2024

I am still experiencing chest pressure and pain through my back. There is not much I can do but wait to hear if Governor Polis grants me a pardon to get to medical care and to look into my convictions. I think he will be very interested to see what happened in Jefferson County, as will the rest of the world. The media has gotten wind of our plea for pardon and we plan to be very front and center about it. This Friday is the trial for grandparent's rights for my children with my mom/their grandmom who was a primary caregiver most of their lives. The prayers are in full swing. The kids need their grandmom who loves them so much and she has never stopped fighting to see them as well. PLEASE GOVERNOR POLIS allow me to get to medical care and to my children who need me!!! Thank you!

-Jennifer Reba Edwards


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