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June 21, 2024

I have had several blogs blocked by the prison discussing my health issues and safety concerns here at the prison. That is a clear violation of my First Amendment Rights, but what rights do we have?? Fluvanna is far from a safe place for inmates or for staff. There is a rise of drug abuse and no actions taken to reduce the drug traffic with any real effect. The violence among inmates and even towards staff is out of control. Then of course there are health issues and PREA concerns.

Today a guard watched me use te bathroom and yelled at me to put on pants. A few months ago a guard sexually assaulted me at Fluvanna. That is not even addressing the fact that they ignored me having a heart attack, never even diagnosing or treating it. This place is a death trap and there is no rehabilitation occuring. No wonder recidivism rates are at an all-time high. Please Governor Polis, pardon me and get me to my doctors and my children.

Convince Governor Jared Polis to do the right thing and cure the injustice my children and I have suffered.


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