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June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there! That includes both human and pet parents! Happy Father's Day to my Daddy in Heaven. He would not have tolerated what has happened to me if he were alive and quite frankly, probably none of this would have transpired if he were. I have been really tired this week, sleeping 16+ hours a day and it just never seems like enough. The pressure in my chest looms. The echocardiogram results were supposed to be given to me completely last Monday, which they were not and it tells me once again, Fluvanna wants to avoid telling me the bad news. The radiology tech told me unofficially that she thought she saw contraction issues. Makes sense to me. After all, I had an undiagnosed heart attack or two and there is damage from that since of course it also went untreated. We had to tear the records out of FCCW hands by force to find out what happened to me. I pray every day to get to my doctors.


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July 15, 2024

In retaliation for me trying to be released, demanding my medical records, fighting for my rights and medical care, Fluvanna has cut off my phone rights and commissary. I can not call home or order fo

July 11, 2024

Click here to listen to the Charlottesville Now radio show my attorney John Kiyonaga did two days ago. Please call Governor Polis's office and tell him and his Chief Legal Counsel, Kara Veitch to rele


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