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June 14, 2023

Today, inmates tried to get me a tray of food and they did not let them. At this point I am not getting food, not able to receive or send mail, not able to get around easily as I do not even have a wheelchair and I'm in terrible pain using a rollator thing as a makeshift wheelchair.

I am getting threatened daily with "seg"/solitary confinement, which means the possibility of no medication, no care, etc. My heart rate is dangerously high and my heart will give out at some point. Hearts are not made to withstand adrenaline like this and tachycardia for periods of time, especially with such dangerously ow blood pressure. My Lupus is spinning out of control. If anyone thinks they will rush me to the hospital if something happens, think again. I am probably the only one in here who knows CPR, but honestly, I am training some inmates.


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