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June 11, 2024

The safety at Fluvanna is abismal. Inmates are allowed to jump others in packs of 4 to 1 and are armed with locks and other weapons. Not only the, they are raping inmates in cells during the brutalization and because it is off-camera, nothing happens except the wearing of bruises and injuries for weeks thereafter.

One inmate was taken to the hospital with a brain bleed and nearly died. A unit manager was attacked and has been out three weeks. The drug issues at Fluvanna are also out of control. I have documented evidence of exact time and dates (on camera) drugs and "hooch" being removed by officers and unit managers and no charges were written. No repercussions occurred at all, which begs the question, what is in it for the staff?

These time and date stamps can be handed over to the media and acquired through Freedom of Information requests. They will show the pure chaos and lack of safety at this prison. The federal government will also be given this information and needs to step in and take over before people are killed at Fluvanna if they have no been already and just covered up. They are very good at covering up illegal activity here and even their lack of medial care, but the TRUTH always comes out!


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