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July 7, 2023

The tension in here has become dangerous. I am not eating at all now for the most part. The inmates are being threatened by staff. They are turning them against me. Now they are going after my phone use. I am not getting food trays, I am not getting commissary, the $30 for vegetables was stolen I assume at this point, and I am being threatened. Haight took the food tray another inmate got for me a few minutes ago. Haight is drunk most of the time and is absolutely evil and after me for turning her in and I am not even getting my property order. My wrist/thumb is swollen and purple/blue from trying to get around. I have it wrapped, but I need a real doctor. Not just Salonpas for my heart issues. I cannot wait for real medicine.

The fights in here have heated up badly with other inmates. They fight like cats and dogs and I have never seen inmates act like this. It is awful. I need to get out of here. It is a terribly unhealthy environment with insidious corruption.


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