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July 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July everyone! We are more hopeful than ever that Governor Jared Polis of Colorado will look at my case and bring some justice this way. My attorney, John Kiyonaga is speaking to the office on Monday. My state of health at Fluvanna is truly scary. I had hoped to get to the computer every day, but I just cannot muster getting to it and writing/thinking to blog so I will continue to do my best. I keep losing hair, which is discouraging and just indicates that I am in a constant flare state. I need my immunoglobulin and to get back to center. I know once I get the care I need, I will bounce back to get to my children. I have had constant fevers and the chest pain persists, but I sleep A LOT. I have never slept so much in my life!


My thumb that unit manager Haight (who has a long history of assaulting inmates and nothing is done) re-injured is still swollen and painful, but that seems like the least of my worries right now. No one here has ever talked to me about my heart attack(s) or offered any treatment plan of any type. It is really terrifying to be at such a horrible place. I know Governor Polis will do the right thing. Encourage him to do so by contacting his office (303) 866-2885. Thank you everyone and stay safe this holiday weekend!


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