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July 14, 2023

They are also stopping my emails and mail from going in and coming out. I just found out many of my emails are not coming in and several have not reached my mom, my lawyers, etc. My legal mail is going back to my lawyers! This is by FAR the worst facility I have been to in 3 states! They literally DO NOT CARE how corrupt they act. They obviously have face no repercussions for their actions! They openly sell drugs here and I do not mean the inmates! They openly drink at work! They are ignoring my heart condition and will not let me use a wheelchair after a STROKE and with my heart! They ignore the ADA! How is this even possible?!?!

Major Elliot is one I forgot before. She is a terrible problem too. Right in the mix of trouble as well. Lt Turner, Haight, Swann, Lt. Thomas, Nurse Brooks, Co Barbour, etc, etc. They are hateful and do not even let me eat.

Medical is horrible as well Dr. Ayyas will not even have me see cardiology. Dr. Targonski will not let them clean/use my port and it has not been touched since February 13th. I likely have infection and other issues now. It needs to be done at least every 4 weeks. They are not giving me my IVIG treatment I desperately need and willing to pay for it MYSELF WITH MY INSURANCE!!! I want to see my own doctors in TeleMed and pay for it too!!!


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