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July 12, 2023

I have been in the infirmary all day. Nurse Brooks is a nurse here and she is a younger woman who said to me today while I was having serious chest pain that she was going to put me in ACUTE (mental health solitary where they put people about to kill themselves or others and cut you off from EVERYTHING) after I began having terrible chest pains. I am in serious trouble right now and need immediate help. I need a hospital.

I am back at my cell and getting OMEGA 3 and aspirin to chew on right now somehow and trying to stay alive. The guards acutally stepped in and took me OUT OF ACUTE along with Nurse Hall and a mental halth lady named Trieble. They told me to get in touch with my lawyers right away and do something. Lt. Turner and Haight and Thomas all had me taken back to the buiding gain and took the wheelchair I had taken away AGAIN despite having clear chest pain. CO Kuang is here and is not sure what to do. Major Elliot told me she is charging me and I think they may try to put me in solitary.



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