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July 10, 2023

My heart literally cannot take this stress. I have been in the infirmary hooked up to the EKG every day now. My heart is beating out of whack and the fact that this place is concerned means IT IS REALLY BAD. I even got to ride in a wheelchair a couple times in the last week so you know they recognize how bad I am. I am still not being allowed to eat food, but getting taken for heart monitoring in a wheelchair here is a HUGE deal. That is like near cardiac arrest level care.

The other inmates even come out of their cells to see what is happening. The nurses came to MY CELL and everything to check on me my heart was beating so fast at one point despite even getting my meds. I do not have any way to ge around. I can not get to food. I have not gotten commissary. I literaly have not hve three meals since being in solitary so there are some benefits to solitary I guess. I have been crying and cryng because I am hungry, I need medical care, I miss my mom and I am worried about my kids. I am scared and I need to live.


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