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July 1, 2024

Wow! It is the first of July already! I cannot believe how the time flies. Governor Jared Polis in Colorado has my paperwork to pardon me. It rests with him at this point as to whether I get to my doctors and get justice. Someone needs to look into my prosecution and how constitutionally deficient it was, not to mention the glaring conflicts of interest. The weaponization of our system is a real problem and it needs to be changed.

On with the story I started last week in my blog and continuing with the ever-persisting question, "Why did you plead guilty?!" Well, I wish it was super simple, but I knew I was not getting any form of justice after about 6 weeks in the jail and in solitary confinement in MOU Cell number one. I did not see the light of day one time. There was not even a window in that cell that is required by law. Nothing was going according to the laws I knew that existed in the United States.

I had declined to a little over 80 pounds, 87 pounds at the last weight taken and they refused to take any more measurements and I continued to decline. I could barely stand from being so weak and sick and had to be taken around the jail in a wheelchair. I knew I had thrown blood clots and I felt I was playing with fate and right at death's door. I talked to my lawyer, Malcolm Seawell and asked if he could get me probation and to see my children to save my life. At the same time I learned my mom has false felony charges field against her and a warrant out for her to discourage her to continue to seek grandparent's rights.

When I heard my mom could potentially be brought into that death trap where they were keeping me, I knew I had to protect her as well. Both Mr. Seawell and M. Colin Bresee, my other lawyer assured me I could get out on "prophylactic probation," a term coined by Mr. Bresee for super safe probation ensuring I would never see a prison and would get home to my children and my doctors and fight to overturn the convictions from the outside. I was powerless in that jail. I knew I had to get out to fight. So I took a deal and the deal was no the charges AT ALL I was told that they were. I only recently saw the charges for which I am in prison and I would never have pled guilty to those.


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