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January 1, 2024

Happy New Years to everyone! In particular a Happy New Year to my Precious Three, Donovan, Aven, and Vincent. I have not stopped for one second of one day trying to get back to you since we were forced apart. I am sure you have been told many lies and it is not fair or moral that we are apart. I love you so very much (with all my heart:) that it hurts my insides to be away from you. Know that soon, the truth will come out and we will be together again.

Those who tore us away from each other will be exposed for what they have done. I realize that you must be very confused and I need you to just know that God has a plan for us and we are on his schedule, his plan. We are so very blessed because we will always have each other to love, because good always defeats evil, and because love truly does conquer all. I want you to say your prayers and talk to me through them and I will hear you. Every, single day I fight to get back to you and one day soon, all this fighting will pay off. Grandmom is fighting to get to you as well and has been for years. She goes to court very soon to fight too see you again.

Please know how much you are loved by so many and we are supported by a lot of people who love us and by God who also loves us very much. This year is going to be wonderful!!! I love you! Mommy


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