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Birthday Letter to My Son

My Dear Little Sausage Donovan (Dobby),

Happy birthday to you on this special day! I remember when you turned 4 you wanted a "green and yellow party with nachos" so Mommy put together everything green and yellow everywhere, inside and out, from the balloons and streamers, down to the outfits we wore as a family. We had a huge nacho bar with all the fixings and you had a fabulous birthday celebration with all our friends and family. Mommy loves to throw parties! That is the last birthday I got to celebrate with you and it pains me so much to think I have missed half of your life due to corruption and lies fueled by greed that have kept us apart.

This is such cruel and tortuous existence for me living without you and your brother and sister. Stay strong my big boy and hold your head up and let your heart not be troubled with the evil in the world because good people like us always rise up. God is looking out for us and I am making my way back to you guys! You have a super fantastic birthday today and know that I am fighting every, single day, every part of the day to get back to you guys.

The last time I got to speak to any of you, it was you Donovan and you said, "Mommy, where are you? I need you! I need to sweep wiff you." I have needed to sleep next to you these past four years we have been wrongfully apart and I cannot wait to snuggle up next to you again. I ehar your voice over andover in my head. You slept with me every night desite me putting you in your own bed to start the night. I aways saw that little head of yours pop over the steps up to my bedroom to crawl in next to me. I miss you so much and love you with all of my heart.

Know that I am with you on this special day and always. I remember the day you were born, nursing you, and being there for each and every event in your life, and I will be there forever more. No one can take that closeness and bond of a mother and her child away from us. See you soon and Happy Birthday My Little Sausage Man! I am wearing yellow and green for you today Dobby! Grandmom sends her love too and is fighting to see all of you!

Love, Mommy:)


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