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August 24, 2023

The new warden, Gary Jones assured me that I would be seen by the medical director and my health issues would all be addressed. That has never happened and he came to see me last Wednesday. I was so hopeful. I had taken a fall the night before because I am unstable on my feet at times. I am still "teaching" my body that my left side is all there even though I can not feel part of it. You take for granted the entire task of walking. When you lose part of your body you literally have to retrain yourself to walk again. "Heel, toe...heel, toe...imagine the pressure...balance...heel, toe...etc."

I figured my busted up face would resonate with the medical staff and the warden that I really do need to review my file and for sure need a wheelchair at times to get around. But alas, our wonderful injustice system strikes again. No review by medical even after having to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance the week prior. They are supposed to review everything within 72 hours. Never happened. Par for the course in here.

The prison in trying to be PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION ACT (PREA) certified this year. What a complete farce! I will send along the information to write to that they posted for us. The inspection is September 12th and 13th. There are guards putting money on inmates Cash App account to have sex with them. It is a disgusting place. Top that off with Lt. Reilly and his criminal sex acts with inmates and that they were covered up by the previous Warden, LeFevers! They were both taken out of here in handcuffs THIS YEAR and now they want to be certified in PREA compliance? Did they also miss the memo that they brought me here raped and beaten to a pulp and never even administered a rape kit and LeFevers gladly covered that up as well? Wow, nothing shocks me in here anymore!


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