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August 13, 2023

I ended up in the hospital and this is the first time I have able to write to let you all know I am alive. They finally took me after finding me on my cell floor vomiting up blood and really out of it. It is all pretty fuzzy now. I had been forced to urinate in styrofoam cups in my cell because I could not reach the bathroom. Luckily I was SO dehydrated from 3 days no water, no food vomiting and lying there (still trying to stabilize) that I did not have to "go" that much.

Try to avoid EVER going to the hospital as a prisoner in Virginia. It is a horrible, frustrating, and humiliating experience here and worse than going in California or Colorado. It is sad I can say that with experience under my belt. I am far from better, but I am hard to kill! I am unable to stand much on my own and I am really weak, but I have no permanent damage to my heart thus far. They would not give me the fluids I needed and only gave me a small bolus to "get me through" due to potential heart complications. Why they did not keep me much longer is just beyond me. They did not even look at anything for the bleeding stomach issue or vomiting. Just there for chest pain, that is it.

Apparently in Virginia, doctors only do what the prison tells them to do. I needed to stay much longer in hospital and need to be there now. Luckily, I have some great doctors on my side now fighting for me. Hopefully, I will be out of here soon and in a REAL HOSPITAL as a REAL PERSON again.

I am alive and existing as best as I can be and I will NEVER STOP until I get to my children.


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