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August 10, 2023

I am losing my vision and I am blurred and barely able to hold myself up. I have been in the infirmary again and been vomiting for more than 24 hours now. They took me from the infirmary still uncontrollably vomiting and in desperate need of hospital-level media care to save my life. I am wretching and dry heaving and they have not given me any meds. The doctor ordered fluids and a CBC and metabolic blood profile, but no one knows how to use the port in my chest and they have no equipment to access it.

I am going blind again and having severe head pain...the worst I have had in a long time. My vision is blurry and I am unstable and cannot make it to the bathroom or to get my medications. I cannot even stand at this time. No help is being offered to me. I said I had chest pain and they did no EKG, no help, and Nurse Brooks told me to "shut up!" In front of Sgt. Charlie. She literally told me to shut up and walked out of the room denying me any care. It is on camera.

They are threatening me with solitary confinement and the psych ward where the most unstable inmates are kept. They threatened me and have retaliated over and over. Lt. Turner lied and said I tried to threaten a nurse to have me moved from the infirmary. I can not even lift my head let alone be a threat. I am no threat and would not threaten. I did say I am going to sue them and expose all that they do to women in here.

They lied over and over and Turner and Woodson (unit building heads) did not want me in the infirmary so they put me in my GP unit and I am on the floor suffering in pain in my cell with no access to food, water, a bathroom, or my medications. I can not make it to Pill Line.

They tore apart my room, including my bed and threw all my food away. I have nothing. They had not even offered me food in the infirmary or clear liquids, nothing. No water even was offered.

I am going to die without fluids. I have been without fluids for more than 24 hours now.

I have asked to be transferred to Rose Medical Center in Colorado to my medical team to save my life. I am not exaggerating or putting anyone on and this is life or death. Without my blood thinner, I will also die. I cannot get to my heart meds or anything. This is criminal and beyond just a Constitutional violation and deliberate indifference. This is attempted murder and criminal negligence at best.

I heard the doctor and nurse say I need fluids right away. No one can care for me here or use the port that goes to my heart. It has not been flushed since February! I have severe chest pains and pressure right now as I type this. I will not be able to get back to this kiosk again. I had an inmate help me get her and stabilize me. I have plenty of witnesses. It is all on camera. Do a preservation of video request to the Warden. PLEASE CALL THE WARDEN GARY JONES. I am going to die in here with no fluids or medical care. I MUST GET TO MY CHILDREN AND LIVE TO FIGHT AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


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