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September 6, 2023

They called me to the front of the pod to see medical who told me they needed to do a blood draw. I told them of course that would be fine through my Power Port. I asked if they would do it that way. The woman looked at me like I was stupid and said, "oh course we have Huber needles and can access a chest port, this is a medical facility." I told her I was supposed to be assigned a wheelchair as of 8/29/23 and she said she would be back to get me. When she returned with no wheelchair and the scheduler M. Shiflett, they told me they can not access a port and needed to do a draw through my veins. The last time they did that I threw a blood clot, so I can not get a peripheral (vein in arm) blood draw again. This is the whole reason I have a port aside from the IVIG treatment they are also denying me. They forced me to fill out a paper as to why I was refusing the blood draw. I scratched out the refusal part and wrote that I absolutely want my blood drawn and my blood draws are to be done through my Power Port and it is clear I can not be cared for at this facility. My Power Port has been neglected the entire time at FCCW. Not cleaning my port was part of the issue causing me chest pain and heart issues. The port goes right to my heart and you can not neglect it or fail to flush it regularly.


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