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May 16, 2023

I went to jail January 16, 2020 with bruises on my face so much so that I had to have a CT Scan at the hospital before I could go to jail to be cleared and I was assured my husband would be the one behind bars, not me. I was charged. I left 8 days later with a blood clot in my neck and one in my lung and had to go right to the hospital and the story goes downhill from there. I was BRUISED BEHIND BARS day 1 and have been bruised behind bars over and over every day ever since, beaten, raped and brutalized over and over at his orders. forced to plead guilty at roughly 80 pounds, barely able to stand, told I would get probation and would see my children. Told my mom would not have to go to jail. Plead to save my own life. Lied to by my own attorneys. I got 10 years instead. Shocked I went to prison. Everyone was shocked and it was on CNN for the world to see. My children to see.


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