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June 15, 2023

They cut of the phones so I can not call out. They refused to give me my heart meds today. They said I did not have a high-enough blood pressure at 98/54. My heart rate resting is now 116. It will continue to go up. I am in cardiac distress and trying to sleep and rest. I am very dizzy and feel nausea and put in an emergency grievance and a sick call and was ignored and told I was not tachycardic at the time because I was only 98 bpm then resting. I am usually 60s-70s resting as I am athletic and have a low-tracking blood pressure naturally as well.

They also took my towels and washcloths (shirt and purchased handkerchiefs too) because I dyed them blue like EVERYONE else does when the clothes we have bled over on them and then they get old and dingy. We try to make them look better. We also paint them and do art in the open all the time. It is widely accepted to do so. The unit manager targeted me though and took mine, charged me with a prison crime that will result in me losing "good time" in prison and they are going to take me to a hearing and I will get fine of at least $35 or more and may go to solitary again. I am getting more threats of solitary as well constantly ongoing.

I went to jail BRUISED BEHIND BARS and I AM STILL BRUISED BEHIND BARS---literally I have a bruise behind my left knee right now and on my left ribcage and my back is a ball of knots and bruises from falling trying to use this elevated skateboard as a wheelchair and losing my balance.


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