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July 9, 2024

I saw medical today as well as Warden Aldridge who happened to be doing his rounds this morning. I shared with him that Governor Polis's office has my paperwork for release. He is certainly in support of seeing me released for my health, but said he gets no say in the matter and wish he could do more. I also learned that that interstate compact employee for Virginia is no longer in that position, so that is not helpful for us.

The justice rests in Colorado and right now with Governor Jared Polis who holds my life in his hands. I understand he is being considered as a potential option on the presidential ticket. It would seem to me Colorado needs some corruption cleaned up. Investigation of Alexis King, the Jefferson County DA and her unholy relationship with my ex-husband, Donald Emmi would be a great start. As my health hangs in the balance, I am hoping Governor Polis takes action quickly. Thank you.


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Click here to listen to the Charlottesville Now radio show my attorney John Kiyonaga did two days ago. Please call Governor Polis's office and tell him and his Chief Legal Counsel, Kara Veitch to rele


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