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August 15, 2023

The FCCW staff and admin are outright refusing medical care to me in here. I was scheduled for hospital follow up with the medical director, Dr. Sheffield, and they will not alow me to go or get help to get there. Nurse Fowler told Lt. P. Thomas to have someone help me around. I had an aide inmate offer to help and they will not allow her to help me get to the medical building on the other side of the facility. I simply can not get there in this condition. Lt. P. Thomas put me back in the pod when I asked for help.

They also threw away my food and never replaced any of it. I had been working hard to collect vegetables and fruit and have nothing now. My earrings on the desk were also thrown out (or taken?) in the mix to retaliate against me.

Medical scheduler Ms. Shiflett (sp?) just came here and told me I would have to sign a refusal. I did not sign it, but I put a big note on it telling them to see the letters from my doctors (Sarche and Howard and others) and that I am unable to mobilize on my own without assistance and an appropriate device (wheelchair). I wrote that I am very ill and I am begging for medical care and WOULD NEVER REFUSE! That is what they say for every inmate as a cover up, "the inmate refuses care." No one actually EVER refuses care, FCCW does.

I still have some left side paralysis (more than half way recovered though and working hard on my own to walk!) from a stroke and these people are ruthless. The hospital even sent me to the prison with a wheelchair. They were appalled that FCCW staff took away my wheelchair and has me trying to ride around on a rollator, which is incredibly unstable and dangerous. FCCW staff (P. Thomas again) took the wheelchair!!

I am still so nauseated and dizzy and feel like I may pass out when I exert myself trying to sit on the rollator and push it across the entire prison campus. The medical building is clear on the other side from where I am now.

I am also finding out about staff members paying to sleep with inmates. There is rampant sexual abuse here. I will be exposing that as well as A LOT more, such as the director of nursing supplying all the "strips" of heroin/opiate supplement that the inmates take recreationally, but paid for through Medicaid.


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