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January 14, 2024

Today is a sad day for me. It has been four long years since I have been able to see, touch, smell, talk to, or wrap my arms around my children. Exactly four years ago today, my life turned upside down. I am on a path I do not understand completely, but I have faith that everything will be ok soon. My health still is in jeopardy in the prison who ignores all of our health needs. This prison has a very long history of constitutionally deficient medical care. They do not even abide by the settlement agreement mandated by the federal court under Judge Norman Moom.


After the most recent transport (with another inmate) where I was left shackled, chained around my waist, arms and down to my legs, and in boxed handcuffs for 16+ hours without even being able to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water or eat, my left leg began swelling. My hand where the thumb is still injured from being thrown against a wall by a prison guard a year ago is also flared up. I had deep grooves in my wrists and arms and still have bruising all around them from the tight cuffs. The abuse during transports is extreme in prison. We are not considered human beings. My left leg today is still swollen and I have put in an emergency grievance to medical here because it could indicate further heart issues.


I am sure the grievance will be ignored like all the rest.


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